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Lake Havasu Arizona ‘s most well known attraction is the famous London Bridge. The bridge, which was originally constructed in 1825 out of granite, is 928 feet long and 49 feet wide. In 1962, it was discovered that the bridge was beginning to sink or “fall down,” into the River Thames and it wasn’t adequate for modern traffic. The City of London decided to put the bridge up for auction and construct a new one in its place. Robert P. McCullock, the founder of Lake Havasu City, saw a good opportunity and submitted a bid for $2,460,000, and in 1968 he subsequently won the bid and the bridge. After 3 years and approximately seven million dollars more, London Bridge was dismantled and rebuilt, connecting Lake Havasu City with an island in the lake. Reconstructing the bridge was a huge undertaking, and today it stands as a backdrop for an English village alongside Lake Havasu, complete with Tudor style buildings and shops depicting Medieval England. English style pubs, a playhouse, restaurants, boutiques and specialty stores can all be found in the English Village. Many people who visit Lake Havasu are surprised to learn that the bridge is the real thing - and not a gimmick.

The second largest attraction in Lake Havasu City is the lake itself, and all the outdoor recreational fun that goes along with it. Lake Havasu has swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing - almost any kind of water sport imaginable. However, water sports aren’t all there is to do here – there’s also biking, hiking, and rock climbing, horseback riding and rock hounding. Bring your golf clubs, because Lake Havasu has four public golf courses. If you want to sit back and relax, there are guided land and boat tours that take you into canyons and historic sites where ancient civilizations once lived, and a chance to learn more about the diverse flora and fauna of the land. The desert is awe inspiring, and remember, with Arizona’s warm climate, anytime of year is the perfect time to visit Lake Havasu and Lake Havasu City.

Fall or winter is a good time to take a guided tour of Lake Havasu’s backcountry. The country offers miles of quiet, largely undiscovered lands, including six wilderness areas, historic mines, abandoned “ghost” towns, interesting geology, wildlife and numerous trails for the adventurous souls. The landscape ranges from sand dunes and basins to mountains and rugged canyons. The Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge is located at the south end of the lake and is an excellent location for wildlife watching. If you drive in your own car, take the Parker Dam Road "Thread of Life," which is a backcountry byway that highlights the scenic, historic and prehistoric features along an 11-mile road. The road passes along the California shore of the Colorado River and provides access to an abundance of recreation activities, including camping, swimming, boating, fishing, and rock hounding and hiking. This scenic byway begins at Parker Dam and travels along Parker Dam Road south to the boundary of the Colorado River Indian Reservation.


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